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          Jimmy is the wizard behind all of the magic.  It's his inspiration that initiates each project.  His years of experience and unique sense of humor, capped off by all of the gang that make up the list of cohorts at Jimmy Shine, enable him to create some of the most ah-inspiring paint jobs in the country.  He has been autographing custom jobs for our local Harley-Davidson dealer lately.  Quite a compliment when Harley comes knocking.

          Then there's Jimmy Jr., our Pauly in the making.  He's our youthful point of view that keeps the rest of them sane--to a degree.  He spends most of his days at the shop, complaining about his boss, trying to bring him up a century.  The rest of his time is spent at Medaille College where he's studying Business Management.  Some day, things will be managed his way, like it or not.  Jim Jr. is busy these days, taking over much at the shop for the old man...  Can't wait to see what has rubbed off and what inspiration comes naturally.  May be quite impressive.  Apples don't fall far from trees.  And if he inherited any talent from Jim Sr. and applies today's technology, it could be a treat for all of us to behold.


           Second, the baby of the family, the multi-tasker, the hardest working woman we know, is Jenna.  She's the level-headed, "get'er done" type, with the most common sense of all of them.  It must be a woman thing...  We miss her around the shop--she's in Everett, Washington, proudly serving her family and this country as a Master at Arms in the US Navy.


Bob.  He's our resident overseer.  He picks out the right and the wrong of everything we do.  His opinion is free, and extremely valuable.  Years of knowledge give him the right to critique all work.  He's the most particular one around, and keeps us on the straight and narrow.  Things get done and get done right.  Or else...

A Man after my own heart...




Tommy is next.  He's our resident comedian.  But he's like a piece of the furniture that has earned his spot.  Don't know what we'd do without him, besides have a happy day... We call him the shop manager.  No salary involved, but lots of title.  Would have the biggest, corner, window office available.  He questions all we do, never satisfied.  Keeps us pushing the envelope.  If we could impress him, well, we'd be retired on the Riviera.





Mike Abbott is another of our crew. In our jail, he's Big Red, the CO.  He maintains order, legality and keeps out the rifraft.  Okay, maybe not.  But he keeps things in line.  He's mechanically gifted, experienced and very generous with his visions and knowledge.










Our shop is conveniently located at 5107 Southwestern Blvd. in Hamburg, NY.

Stop by any time to meet the crew.